The best and safest vacation and rental properties in Greece by Blue Titans Hospitality

Find and book deals on the best vacation homes in Greece. Disinfection, safety, security, fully equipped kitchen, high quality amenities, concierge services, luxury villas and apartments, studios in Greece, with a BBQ, a pool, a flat-screen TV, free WIFI, a garden, seaview,a  balcony, sitting area, living room, 1 bathroom, golden beaches, close to the sea, winter vacations, summer vacation, watersports, family vacation, family friendly, pet friendly, no smoking, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, second city tourism, VIP, clean, disinfected, titans, mythology. Life is Now – relationships last forever and we believe you deserve the best and safest options!

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About Us

About Us

Blue Titans Hospitality is a team of dedicated, tourism-loving, solution-finding, and breakthrough freaks that have been working hard to tend to every traveler’s exceptional needs.

We believe in sustainability, environmental consciousness, and a greener planet to call home. We also believe in culture, arts, food, sports, and everything that puts a smile on the face, warmth in the heart, and food for the mind.

We also believe in safety, security, and well-being with high-quality services, and we are great fans and followers of values such as integrity, transparency, and ethics.

So, whether you are an environmentalist, a solo traveler, or a solo-train traveler, maybe a culture-lover, a hiker, a diver, the helicopter-type, an experience seeker, a family guy, a foodie, a hoodie, a tech geek, or a bleisure person, a honeymooner or baby boomer, a fun-lover or a change-the-world type, or perhaps a loner, you can find your dream vacation rental on our website.

And we are great fans and followers of values such as integrity, transparency, and ethics.

We love travelers because they make the world a better place, and without you, none of this is possible! So come on, find your Titan, and stay with us!

A Blue Titans Hospitality representative is always at your convenience!

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